Snowboard Level 3


The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to synthesize and evaluate the AASI technical terms, concepts, and models listed in the National Standards for Level 3. The successful candidate will also demonstrate the ability to recognize movement patterns in riders who are learning and riding all available terrain and snow conditions, up to and including competitive freestyle riders.

Certification Process

In order to achieve the Level 3 certification, you must follow these steps:
– Complete the Level 3 Research Project. This must be submitted at least 21 days prior to your second prerequisite clinic, and must be passed prior to your assessment.
– Attend at least two Level 3 prep clinics. Qualifying clinics include the Level 3 Ride Clinic, the Level 3 Teach Clinic, and the Level 3 Movement Analysis Clinic.
– Attend and pass the three-day Level 3 assessment.
– If you are unsuccessful in passing the assessment, you will need to re-take one Level 3 prep clinic prior to attempting the assessment again.


Snowboard Level 3 Assessment (three days): $360

Snowboard Level 3 Research Project: $15


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