How many Educational Hours am I supposed to achieve each year to maintain my “member in good standing” / certification status

The entire purpose of maintaining education hours is to foster education standardization amongst the membership.

To that purpose the requirement is:
One clinic ( 6 hours ) every season or
Two clinics ( 12 hours ) every rolling 2 seasons, ie. 12-13 and 13-14.
This nets out to an educational history that shows at a minimum a row of 6,6,6 or alternately a 12,0,12,0. Any 2 consecutive seasons that do not total a 12 will result in a penalty. It does not take into consideration any paid educational penalty. It is a penalty for lack of educational hours, not a restart for the educational requirement.

If you receive an education penalty on your dues invoice please note that paying the educational penalty will keep your dues current, however, you will still need to get 12 education  hours in the next season. These can be completed in any PSIA AASI Division and do not have to be on-snow hours. Several Divisions offer lectures and other off snow ( many early in the season ) events to members to prepare for the upcoming season. I would encourage you to look at our calendar, available on-line in late October or to look at events in other Divisions if that sounds appealing.

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