What if my schedule did not permit, and I was unable to participate in an event in the season I was “due?”

PSIA/AASI-I requires the accrual of twelve (12) hours clinic credit by a member every two dues cycles, unless a member has applied for inactive status as described under “Inactive Status”. Failure to accrue twelve (12) hours of education credit (CEU) within this period will result in the following penalties, if the delinquent member wants to remain current:
– First “dues cycle” penalty following a CEU delinquency: An assessment fee of two times (2x) the current daily clinic fee ($160)
– Second “dues cycle” penalty following a CEU delinquency: An assessment fee of three times (3x) the current daily clinic fee ($240)

If a member does not pay the delinquent assessment fees when due, and subsequently accrue 12 hours of education credit, the member’s certification will become null and void. No further “delinquent education” penalty fees will be allowed; re-certification will be required. Should a member pay dues after this point, they will be a Registered member.

There are policies in place for members who have to take a leave of absence and are not able to complete their credit hours. If you find yourself in this position, where schooling, work, illness, or injury takes you out of commission, there is a way to maintain your certification. Please review the policy on leave of absence on how to proceed should you find the need. If you need further clarification contact your board member.

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