Frequently Asked Questions

Certification (2)

How do I get certified, and how do I advance my certification level?

Detailed information on the certification process is available on each discipline’s page:
– Adaptive
– Alpine
– Cross Country
– Snowboard
– Telemark

Certificates are also available in the following disciplines; more information can be found on their pages:
– Children’s Specialist

You must be employed by a PSIA-AASI Member School in order to receive a Level 1 certification in any discipline.

If you wish to take a certification exam or certificate program in a Division other than Intermountain, you will need to contact the office first. The other Divisions may charge different amounts for dues, clinics, and certification exams, and may also impose different requirements/processes for certification.

What are the requirements to maintain my certification?

All of the requirements to maintain your certification can be found on the Certification page.

Events (5)

Is there a waitlist for events that are full?

If an event fills, a waitlist may be available to allow further registrations in case any participants cancel. To inquire about the possibility of being added to the waitlist for an event, please contact the office (, 801-942-2066). A completed offline registration form will be required to join the waitlist if one is available.

I’m happy with my current certification level – what should I be doing?

First off, make sure to fulfill the continuing education requirements in order to maintain your certification. There are a number of ways to do this; many members take “lighter” clinics such as our snowcat skiing/riding events, or evening indoor lectures so as to not interfere with their teaching during the day. A full catalog of our clinics for you to browse can be found on each discipline’s page.

What happens if I need to change or cancel an event registration?

All of our policies regarding changing or cancelling an event registration can be found on this page.

What is the purpose of the registration deadline?

On the registration deadline (generally two weeks prior to an event), we look at the number of people signed up for an event and determine if there are enough people to move forward with this event or if we have to cancel the event due to lack of registrants. We need at least four people registered for any one clinic for it to run.

Can I attend clinics and exams in another PSIA/AASI division?

Yes, you can take clinics in other PSIA/AASI divisions, and the credits transfer between divisions. It is the responsibility of the division where the clinic is offered to notify your member division that you’ve taken a clinic in another division. If you want to take a certification exam in another division, you need to have a permission letter sent to that division from your home division. Clinic passes from other divisions do not transfer into Intermountain or vice versa.

Membership (4)

How do I transfer from another PSIA-AASI division into the Intermountain Division?

All of the information regarding transferring into the Intermountain Division can be found on the Division Transfer page.

I want to be a ski instructor – what should I know?

We’re excited that you’d like to be a ski instructor; it’s an amazing way to spend your winters. All of the information you need can be found on this page.

I’m new to PSIA-AASI – what should I know?

Head on over to our New Member Guide; all of the information you need can be found there.

Can I re-join PSIA-AASI after a long lapse in membership?

The Intermountain Division will provide a form of amnesty to members who have lapsed membership longer than four years. The lapsed member will submit to the office a written request expressing their interest in returning to the Division. The member shall pay the current year’s dues, attend two required clinics approved by the Discipline Managers and Chairpersons, and fall back one level from previously held discipline certifications. All fees will be paid upfront. This is a one-time offer for Intermountain members only.

Other (2)

How do I change my password on the PSIA-AASI National website?

1. Sign on to the National website, using your current username (usually your email address) and your current password (typically your ID number).
2. Once it greets you as successfully signed in, go to “My Profile” in the upper right corner of the page.
3. On the right side of this page is an option to “Change My Password.”

How do I order Pro Deals?

All of the PSIA-AASI Pro Deals are handled through the National Office; check out the Accessories Catalog and the Sponsors & Partners pages on the National website.