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This next-generation Alpine Technical manual is the culmination of ground-breaking effforts to answer what, as first, seems a simple question: "What is good skiing?" With culture, equipment, and attitudes taking skiing in several directions in recent years, many considerations come into play. this manual gives insttructors the tools they need for an in-depth understanding of skiing-simplified to support engaging lesson plans that benegfit students immediately.

The manual delivers a strong technical focus grounded in the fundamentals of skiing, helping instructors tailor top-notch lessons to their students' needs and equipment. Using the science of skiing to guide any possible variety of performance outcome a student may desire, the content ensures that ski instruction remains relebvant as the sport continues to grow and change.

In clear, concise language – augmented by numerous photos, figures, and supplemental video – the Alpine Technical Manual explains PSIA’s Skills Concept in terms of the action of the skis and the corresponding body movements for each skill. It also explores how the skills typically blend for different outcomes. A tremendous resource for instructors preparing for certification exams, the manual provides extensive information on the physics and biomechanics of skiing, the latest on ski equipment, and movement analysis. In the final chapter, the Skills Concept comes to life with a wealth of information on how to teach progressions that promote breakthroughs on snow.

Solidifying PSIA’s standing as a leader in alpine ski instruction, this manual connects the association’s student-centered approach with the fundamental skills that define great skiing – all of which helps instructors embrace current trends, prepare for whatever may come next, improve their own skills, and inspire in their students a lifelong passion for alpine skiing.

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