Alpine Level 1

Welcome to the Professional Ski Instructors of America! The Alpine Level 1 Assessment is the first step in your exciting career as a ski instructor.

If you’re new to PSIA/AASI, make sure to check out our New Member Guide; there’s lots of great information to help you start your career as a ski instructor!


In order to achieve this Level 1 Certification, you will need to complete these tasks:
– Become a registered member of PSIA and PSIA-I with current dues paid.
– Complete 25 hours of approved teaching, coaching, or training. Most people do this through their employment with one of our member schools, but if you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the Division Office.
– Complete the Level 1 Workbook.
– At least two weeks prior to this event, register and pay for the event, and send the signed & validated* cover sheet from the workbook to the division office (, 801-942-2066).
– Attend this event. It is a two-day assessment; attendance is required both days.
– Bring your completed workbook to the first day of your assessment.


While this is an assessment, coaching will be provided. This is unique to the level 1 assessment. During the two days, your Clinic Leader/Examiner will help you to understand the skiing and teaching requirements defined by the PSIA National Certification Standards. The first day is focused on skiing and the second day is focused on teaching. The assessment will consist of the following parts:
– Skiing Assessment: During the first day, you will perform skiing tasks. Tasks are used to determine your level of competence with the skiing fundamentals found in the PSIA National Alpine Certification Standards. The lists of tasks used in each assessment are found on the Level 1 Scoresheet. The descriptions and expectations for each task are found in the Alpine Task Matrices, available at the bottom of this page.
– Video Movement Analysis: You will begin the second day indoors where you will see video of recreational skiers in the beginner zone. You will be assigned to watch one of the skiers and then build a lesson plan for that skier. You will use the Level 1 Skier Assessment form to help you build your lesson.
– Teaching Assessment: This also takes place on Day 2. It is used to evaluate the competence of your teaching fundamentals described in the PSIA National Alpine Certification Standards. Candidates will present the lesson they developed from the video work sheet described above. Similar to the ski portion, coaching will be provided both during the work sheet development and on the hill.
– Written Quizzes: Each afternoon during the assessment, up to five questions will be pulled from the workbook to assess your general knowledge and comprehension. These questions will be scored and discussed immediately following the quiz, and will be used to help you debrief your experiences from the day and help solidify learning and growth.

* Final validation of your completed workbook and study guide can only be made by a Snowsports School Director or a Snowsports School Supervisor.

Upcoming Events

Alpine Level 1 Exam (2-Day)
Deer Valley
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 -
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Alpine Level 1 Exam (2-Day)
Park City (PC Base)
Tuesday, April 3, 2018 -
Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Alpine Level 1 Exam (two days): $150