Since 2008, the Children’s Specialist (CS) assessment-based certificate program has been an integral part of Snowsports instructor education across all nine PSIA/AASI divisions. The PSIA/AASI National Children’s Task Force (NCTF) continues its work on the program, making sure that the National Standards remain relevant in today’s ever-changing Snowsports environment.

Certificates are offered at three levels, corresponding to the three levels of certifications offered in other disciplines. More information on each level is available by selecting one from below.

CS 1

The CS1 course is for instructors embarking on the journey toward mastery of the art of Children’s Snowsports instruction. Instructors are encouraged to take the CS1 course once they’ve achieved Level 1 PSIA-AASI certification.

CS 2

Children’s Specialist 2 (CS2) will continue building on the instructor’s knowledge and skills from the CS1. The course focuses on the specifics of child development for young learners as they progress from the Beginner/Novice through the Advanced Zones. Evaluations of those taking the CS2 course reflect the participants’ knowledge of teaching children, and individuals. Successful completion of the course grants professional recognition to the instructor and industry for their education, experience, and expertise in teaching Children Snowsports.

CS Trainer

The Children’s Specialist Trainer (CS Trainer, or CST) event is an assessment-based evaluative program that will continue the growth of instructors, who may serve as in-house trainers and mentors for their Snowsports School’s Children’s Program. The CST’s objective is “to develop and certify persons to administer the CS1 and CS2 assessment-based certificate programs and to lead clinics specific to the needs of children and children’s instructors.”