CS 1


The Children’s Specialist 1 (CS1) is an assessment-based certificate program. This one-and-a-half-day program covers teaching children of all ages from the beginner/novice into the intermediate zones. Participants will receive a “certificate” upon successful completion of this event to recognize their knowledge, skill, and expertise as a Children’s Specialist 1. The CS1 standards can be found in the PSIA-AASI Children’s Specialist National Standards. In order to attain this certificate, you must complete the following requirements:
– Have a current PSIA/AASI Level 1 discipline certification.
– Attend PSIA/AASI Intermountain’s CS1 indoor event prior to taking the CS1 on-snow event. CS1 indoor event credit towards the CS1 certificate will be valid for one (1) calendar year from the time that the CS1 Indoor event is successfully completed.
– Completion of the current CS1 Workbook, which must be received by the Division Office at least two weeks prior to your CS1 on-snow event.


The following topics are covered in CS1:
– Bloom’s Taxonomy & the CS Rubric
– CAP Model Overview: All ages – with an emphasis on the novice to intermediate zones
(although all zones will be discussed)
– Development Concepts: Physical development, VAK & coordination development
– Real and Ideal movements
– Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
– PDAS & The Teaching Cycle
– Teaching with Creativity: Spider webbing & Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
– Behavior Management Concepts, including understanding learning differences
– The Parent Partnership
– Equipment & SMART Style

Evaluative Criteria

Participants will be expected to meet the levels of competency defined by the Children’s Specialist 1 (CS1) National Standards. Participants will also be held to the knowledge and performance standards of their current discipline certification level. Because the CS1 is an assessment-based certificate program, to receive the certificate, participants must:
– Complete and receive at least an 80% score on the CS1 workbook.
– Receive a “meets standards” evaluation based on your participation at the CS1 on-snow event.
– Receive a “meets standards” evaluation based on your demonstrated knowledge, comprehension and application of CS1 concepts at the CS1 on-snow event.

All participants will receive verbal and written feedback from their clinician.

Should a participant be unsuccessful at attaining CS1, the entire course will need to be taken again.

Upcoming Events

CS 1 Indoor Lecture
Jackson Hole
Sunday, March 4, 2018

CS 1 On-Snow
Park City (PC Base)
Thursday, April 5, 2018


CS1 Indoor Lecture: $40

CS1 On-Snow Clinic: $100
(includes workbook grading fee)