Snowboard Education Development Staff


The purpose of the Education Development Staff Program is to create a training program for Level 3 snowboard instructors to facilitate their personal development and develop the skills necessary to be an effective DCL and DECL. It also helps develop and provide a structured and tangible environment to track improvement, commitment to the organization, and readiness to conduct divisional events.

Members of the EDS program will participate in EDS training, shadow educational events, and participate in creating and updating the AASI curriculum. EDS members may be invited to DECL training.


– Snowboard Level 3 Certification
– Intermountain Division Member current with dues and educational credits
– Active within the industry (i.e. employed by a member school or other snowboard training program)


– Attend early season EDS training and end of season EDS training.
– Sign up to shadow a minimum of 3 educational events each season.
– Demonstrate a willingness and desire to be actively involved in divisional training, improving the process for all members, and up to date on Board of Directors initiatives.
– Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times: while shadowing, training, and in the presence of other staff, BOD representatives, and members.


EDS participation is open to any member that fulfills the prerequisites stated above, provided they demonstrate continued support and participation in the process. Participants who fulfill the requirements will receive clinic credit for their participation and will receive training, lift tickets for events, and shadowing, free of charge. If a participant does not fulfill the requirements in any given year there will be no credit awarded for any participation that year. The next year both the early season training and end of season training must be attended and paid for, at the normal clinic rate, in order to be reactivated into the EDS program. If the requirements are not met in two consecutive years the member will no longer be eligible for the program and must submit a formal written request to the Intermountain Snowboard Committee for reactivation into the program.

More information on this program is available in this document.