Run for the Board

PSIA/AASI Intermountain needs YOU! This year’s election for the Board of Directors is coming up soon, and we would like to encourage you to run!

Board of Directors Information

The Intermountain Division Board of Directors consists of PSIA-AASI members who volunteer their time and expertise to the board. They are responsible for the strategic management of our nonprofit corporation. Board members represent the PSIA-AASI membership. They represent their ski schools and the Intermountain Division. The board operates by following our Policies and Procedures along with our Bylaws.
What should members want and need from their Directors?
We all want a board member who has passion for the organization, a willingness to volunteer their time, and the desire to be a leader. A board member should have a team-oriented attitude. The board member works to speak with one voice for the entire board.
What is it all about?
The board meets three times a year in Salt Lake City (summer, fall and spring). Beginning with the summer meeting, there is a strategic planning session that reviews membership data such as
membership demographics, event and exam data, and financials of the organization. This is a fact-based assessment of our financial stability and a review of the membership’s needs. Revisions to Policies and Procedures, such as electronic voting process from ballots, event cancellation, and policy changes are some examples of what the board reviews. The code of conduct creation,
travel reimbursement, and clinic discount pass changes are other examples of the board’s work. The board is also fun! We plan the Spring Clinic, discuss new ideas for education, meet new people, and overall learn how our organization that we belong to runs!
Great! You want to run for a BOD position! Here is the Process!
 – Applicants must be Certified Level 1, 2, or 3 members, in good standing, of the Intermountain Division.
 – Applicants must be endorsed, in writing, by five certified members in good standing in the division.
 – Applications are to be received in the office via email at or postmarked by February 15.
 – Applicants must submit a photograph no smaller than 2”x 2.”
 – Applicants must submit a short biographical paragraph, which includes your certification education, past/present employment, years of membership, and why you want to be on the board. This will be published so that members can know you better and vote.
 – If running for a regional position, you must be employed by the snowsports school identified in that region.
 – Voting for regional candidates will be by IMD PSIA-AASI members in good standing in that region.
 – Voting for at large candidates will be by eligible voters within the full membership.
 – Open Seats for the March 2018 elections are:
    – Region 1 – JHMR, Targhee, Snow King
    – Region 6 – Solitude, Brighton, Sundance
    – Region 7 – Alta, Snowbird
    – At-Large seats – two available

How do I Vote?
You must be a member in good standing of the Intermountain Division in order to vote in the Intermountain Division Board of Directors election. All members may vote for two (2) At Large candidates. If you are affiliated with a school listed below you may cast one vote for a candidate in that category in addition to the at large votes.
Region 1: If you are affiliated with schools in Region 1 (JHMR, Targhee or Snow King) you may vote for a candidate running for that seat.
Region 6:If you are affiliated with schools in Region 6 (Solitude, Brighton or Sundance) you may vote for a candidate running for that seat.
Region 7: If you are affiliated with schools in Region 7 (Alta, Snowbird) you may vote for a candidate running for that seat.
Starting March 1, 2018 at 8 a.m. the candidates’ pictures and statements will be posted on the website. The best way to vote is online through the website. Voting will conclude March 15, 2018 at 5 p.m. If you prefer to cast a paper ballot please contact the office. If a paper ballot is submitted it must be postmarked by March 15. Ballots
will be counted within seven days and results will be published after all candidates are notified of the results.
Please Vote! Every Vote Counts!