Transfer Between Divisions

Transferring your membership from one division to another is easy if you are a current PSIA-AASI member in good standing in your current division.

If you wish to transfer out of the Intermountain Division, please contact the Division Office and let us know.

If you wish to transfer into the Intermountain Division, please follow the steps below to begin the transfer process:

Step One – Contact your current Division administration and inform them of your intent to transfer into the Intermountain Division (contacts provided below).

Step Two – Your current Division will contact the Intermountain Division to verify your member standing. Please make sure your profile information is current and complete on the National website.

Step Three – Submit the form below.

Step Four – The Intermountain Division will contact you shortly to complete the process.


Membership Transfer Request Form


Division Contacts:

Eastern: (518) 452-6095 |

Central: (855) 474-7669 |

Rocky Mountain: (970) 879-8335 |

Northern Rocky Mountain: (406) 581-6139 |

Northern Intermountain: (518) 452-6095 |

Northwest (includes Alaska): (206) 244-8541 |

West: (530) 587-7642 |