Policies & Procedures

PSIA-AASI Intermountain is run by the Division Board of Directors, and governed by the Division By-Laws (available below). They meet several times per year to discuss how best to serve the membership. Elections are held each year in March to elect new representatives to the Board. The Board periodically updates the Division Policies and Procedures (available below) to determine how the organization runs. A general membership meeting with the Board of Directors is held annually.

The Division employs a number of Discipline Managers, who are responsible for maintaining the curriculum for each discipline. Each discipline has a number of DECL (Division Educational and Clinic Leader) staff members who run most of our clinics and assessments.

All members are expected to follow the Division code of conduct, available below.

The day-to-day operations of the Division and all Member Services are handled by the Division Office, located in Salt Lake City.


PSIA-AASI Intermountain By-Laws

PSIA-AASI Intermountain Policies and Procedures

PSIA-AASI Intermountain Member Code Of Conduct

For a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, please contact the Division Office.