Dues Information

Membership dues renew annually, and are valid for one winter season (July 1 to June 30). Invoices are available online at the National PSIA-AASI website by late May each year. A physical invoice will be mailed to each member as well at the same time. Dues are pre-paid for the upcoming winter season, and must be paid by June 30 each year to avoid a late fee.

For more information about what being a member of PSIA-AASI Intermountain unlocks for you, take a look at this page.

All memberships include both the Intermountain Division and the National Organization.

Current PSIA-AASI Intermountain Dues:

$117 per year

($50 Intermountain Division + $67 National)

Student & Senior Dues:

$97 per year

($40 Intermountain Division + $57 National)

Please see below for the requirements to obtain this rate.


Student Rate

In order to qualify for the student membership rate, you must be 23 years of age or younger, and be a full time student in a recognized institution of learning. You must apply for this discount in writing to the Division Office every year you wish to obtain it, along with proof of enrollment in your institution of learning.


Senior Rate

To qualify for the senior rate, you must be be at least 75 years of age and have been a PSIA-AASI member in good standing for ten or more years. If you fulfill these criteria, please contact the Division Office to receive your discount.


Active Military

PSIA-AASI Intermountain waives all membership dues and continuing education requirements for a member who is otherwise in good standing while that member is unable to be active as a snowsports instructor because of active United States military service. Please contact the Division Office with your orders to get this waiver.