Our Vision Statement:

“Creating Lifelong Adventures Through Education”

Our Mission Statement:

“Provide high quality educational resources and well defined standards to aid our members in improving their teaching skills to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customer in the enjoyment of Snowsports.”

PSIA-AASI National Organization

PSIA-AASI offers national brand recognition and credentials; it is recognized by ski and snowboard schools throughout the country, and membership often can mean increased wages, additional benefits, and recognition.

The National Organization provides incentives and subsidies for divisional events to bring in national team members and increase sponsor involvement. The PSIA-AASI teams are supported by the national organization, and their primary purpose is to support member education and divisional events across the country.

PSIA and AASI research and publish a wide range of manuals, videos, and other materials to support your education. These materials are made available at the lowest possible cost to the member and can be found in the Division Online Store and in the PSIA-AASI Accessories Catalog.

Free copies of newly developed education materials are provided to every member school each year so that each ski area is kept informed of the latest developments.


Promoting the Association and You

PSIA and AASI cooperate with supporting sponsors to promote ski and snowboard instruction to the public. They also establish links with other snowsports organizations to strengthen the industry as a whole. These include the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) and Snowsports Industries America (SIA). PSIA-AASI is represented at the NSAA convention and SIA trade show. They also work with industry media, sponsors, and supporters from outside the ski industry to promote snow sports and your role.

The National Organization is also central to January’s Learn To Ski and Snowboard Month.

The National Organization also represents PSIA-AASI internationally (ISIA/Interski).

The Go With a Pro (GWAP) campaign is a universal consumer message that the National Organization has spearheaded to increase interest in taking lessons. By increasing participation, as well as use of the GWAP program by ski and snowboard schools, PSIA-AASI hopes to increase the value of lessons and instructors. GWAP offers an online research kit with simple marketing and messaging tools that can be adapted by PSIA-AASI divisions and member schools to deliver the three primary goals of the campaign:
– Attract more guests to lessons at all levels.
– Raise the image and value of pro instructors.
– Make taking a lesson from a pro “cooler” than taking one with friends.
Overall, GWAP reached 42 million households.