CS 1


Children’s Specialist 1 (CS1) is an assessment-based certificate program, which is the entry-level children’s education course for PSIA and AASI members. The CS1 course is for instructors embarking on the journey toward mastery of the art of Children’s Snowsports instruction. Instructors are encouraged to take the CS1 course once they’ve achieved Level 1 PSIA-AASI certification. Course standards and requirements can be found in the PSIA-AASI Children’s Specialist National Standards. In order to attain this certificate, you must complete the following requirements:
– Attend the CS1 Indoor Lecture prior to attending the CS1 on-snow event.
– Complete the CS1 Workbook, which must be received by the Division Office at least two weeks prior to your CS1 on-snow event.
– Attend and pass the CS1 on-snow event.
– All three parts must be completed within a 12-month span in order to obtain the CS1 Certificate.


The following topics are covered in CS1:
– CAP Model Overview: Novice to intermediate zones (although all zones will be discussed)
– Development Concepts: Physical Development, VAK & Coordination Development
– PDAS & The Teaching Cycle
– Teaching with Creativity Overview – including Spider Webbing
– The Parent Partnership
– Behavior Management Concepts
– Learning Differences – including AD/HD +, Tough Kids & Tactics to Increase Compliance
– Equipment

Evaluative Criteria

Participants will be expected to meet the levels of competency defined by the Children’s Specialist 1 (CS1) National Standards. Participants will also be held to the knowledge and performance standards of their current discipline certification level. Because the CS1 is an assessment-based certificate program, to receive the certificate, participants must:
– Receive at least an 80% score on the CS1 Workbook.
– Demonstrate the knowledge, comprehension and application of CS concepts.
– Receive a “meets standards” evaluation based on your participation at the CS1 on-snow event.
All participants will receive feedback from their clinician at the end of the event.

Upcoming Events


CS1 Indoor Lecture: $40

CS1 On-Snow Clinic: $100
(includes workbook grading fee)